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Here at our beloved Barn Studio, which has brought beauty, friendship, nature, and the love of art into our lives for nearly 52 years, we are looking ahead to another wonderful year. It’s also the time when we reach out to you, our loyal friends, with our annual appeal. Your incredible generosity is what makes the gifts that The Barn has shared with our community for more than half a century possible for future generations here in Cumberland County and beyond. The Barn is many things to many people. For some, it’s an exposure to an aesthetic environment and an opportunity for traditional art study handed down through the fine arts academies of the world. For others, The Barn is a world where imaginations can run free, encouraging creation without the fear of making mistakes. For children, it’s a safe haven to enjoy the natural world, while learning the names of plants and animals and developing critical thinking skills and the brainpower to face an ever more complex world.

The results are tangible. We recently received a copy of a doctoral dissertation of a student who studied at the barn in the 1970s, citing Pat’s arts philosophy as the basis for the student’s own career in fine arts teaching. Four students volunteered this year at The Barn as a means of earning credit towards their Congressional Medals. For decades,The Barn has been the launching pad for countless students who are now professional artists, teachers, and community leaders.

P.S. The arts community of South Jersey has been greatly impacted by the tireless dedication and work of Pat Witt. She had faith that this area could become a Mecca for the arts. Rather than leave, our mother stayed and made a difference. We are firmly committed to continuing her work. Please help us keep this mission alive! Nancy and Carole

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